8 Things you must do when buying a home

1. Do not change your current work status. 
Lenders look at your ability to repay the loan. If you change jobs or start a business in the middle of the loan process, you may not get your loan approval.

2. You must resist the need to purchase large ticket items. 
(Lenders look at your ability to repay. If your credit worthiness changes, it decreases your chance to get approved.)

3. Keep current on all your credit accounts and do not pay off or close any accounts unless your lender instructs you to do so.

4. DO NOT spend your closing cost!

(Large sums deposited are a red flag.)

6. Be honest on your loan application and list all debts and liabilities.

7. Do not plan any vacations during the purchase process. 
We have time constraints fixed into the purchase agreement and if we are to protect your deposit you need to be available.

8. When you receive a pre-approval letter, it is based on a snapshot of your current job, credit, and finances. 
You do not want to alter that by switching where you bank, your job, savings, or trying to get pre-approved for those new appliances for your new home.

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