Should You Buy a Home in Stockton, California Now?

Should You Buy a Home in Stockton, California Now?

Investing in real estate in the current real estate market in Stockton could be a good thing. The current market conditions in this area of California have provided an opportunity for individuals to find the ideal home for their needs. Overall, Stockton saw modest gains in the market in 2016. It is anticipated that 2017 will provide buyers with new opportunities. Of course, if you are buying, it may be a good idea to make your move sooner rather than later.

Brookside Estates Home in Stockton, CA

Brookside Estates Home in Stockton, CA | Image Provided by MetroList

Buying in Stockton Now Can Save You Money

For those who want to buy a home in Stockton, doing so now may help you to save money. Stockton home prices will continue to grow in value over the coming six to nine months. The added value will lead to new opportunities for sellers – as they will likely be able to sell their home for more. Consequently, buyers will see an increase in what they pay for their next home. Home values in the Stockton region could grow by as much as five percent in the coming year, specifically in areas such as Tracy, Manteca, and Lathrop.

Demand for homes in the area will also increase, which could make the market a bit more competitive. Today, home prices are affordable. That could be a good thing for those who are ready to buy a home immediately. Stockton home prices may increase, though, as more buyers come on the market in the spring and early summer months.

Rent costs in the area are also going up. This may mean that more buyers will be in the Stockton market in the coming months. Rents growing may also mean that more investors begin looking for a home for sale to purchase for rental needs.

Working closely with a Stockton real estate expert is the best way to find the home that’s right for your needs. As the market becomes more competitive, this may be a necessary step. Contact Lance McHan today to learn which homes are immediately available within your budget.

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